Long Range Traverse Newfoundland Canada Cont………………

The challenges to expect

First things first. The way that you get on the trail is by taking a plane to St. John’s Airport and once you land, you will wonder if you are in Norway because of the beauty of the place. After you have landed, you take a one-hour boat ride beneath cliffs that are over a couple thousand foot high. What you will be passing through at this point is the West Brook Pond. Once you are past this, the hiking starts.

West Brook Pond - Nature's incomparable beauty

The main challenges that most hikers complain about are the low visibility caused by the low-lying clouds, the dense fir and spruce that will have you walking at one moment and on the ground on the next and the many streams and ponds that look so much alike that they can mislead you.

A trail for the most adept with navigation skills

If you know that your map reading and compass navigation skills are not the best, you are advised to stay away from this trail. This is because if you are not careful, you will experience many abrupt changes to the course and dead ends that will leave you scratching your head. This course is so challenging that the guides give your positioning beakers to wear: the caribou collars. The guides attest that it is much easier to GPS you than try to find you in the thickets and lush vegetation. Watching your step and not straying too far from the group that you are traveling in are pieces of advice that you best adhere to.

Getting lost on the Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland Canada is easier than you think. Have your navigational and map reading skills in check if you would like to take on the challenge and take this 26 miles trail.

Long Range Traverse Newfoundland Canada Cont………………

One thought on “Long Range Traverse Newfoundland Canada Cont………………

  1. I just heard of this hike recently for the first time and look forward to reading your account of it. It sounds like it might be out of my comfort zone, but I am always looking for a great adventure!


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