Hiking 101, essential tips for the perfect hike

Before venturing out into the wilderness make sure that you plan the perfect hike! It’s a sunny day; the hills are calling, and you long for adventure, but make sure that before you leave home, you have all the Hiking essentials for the perfect outdoor experience. Plan your route and be sure to choose a hike a little shorter than the distance you can normally walk. Estimate how long it will take, study a map of the area and check the weather forecast. Tell someone where you are going and do not forget to charge your mobile phone! Now it’s time for Hiking 101, essential tips on what to pack in your rucksack. Always take your map & compass, sun protection, extra clothing., torch or flashlight, basic first-aid supplies, lighter or matches, repair kit, food, water, emergency shelter. You never know what might happen! Sore feet and blisters are really painful and can ruin your hike. Hiking 101, essential tips advise an investment in a good pair of hiking shoes. They do not need to be heavy leather boots, they can be “light hikers” but they must be good quality. Do not try to economise with your socks either and always buy wool or synthetic ones. Dress in the right clothes for the weather and terrain and always use layers. Remember to pick up your mobile phone before you leave! Last but not least, always remember to leave no trace. The wonderful countryside and trails that we love and use will only stay that way if walkers and outdoor enthusiasts care for them. Happy hiking!

Hiking 101, essential tips

Hiking 101, essential tips for the perfect hike

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