Hiking in The Canadian Rockies


Hiking in Canadian RockiesHiking is one of the most popular sport around the Rockies in Canada. It is pure fun and experience is exhilarating.  It is nature in its purest form you would encounter. So you need to take care of certain things before venturing out. Yes it is fun but the extra care will make it more fun.

  • Weather and rain – Before going out for a hike always check with the local weather station. rains can be flashy and cause mud and slush that can make it very difficult to enjoy the hike.
  • Clothes – EVen if you are venturing out in Summers pack an extra pair of clothes. As you go up in the mountains the temperature will drop and chances of rain increase.
  • Hiking Gear – The canadian rocky trails are difficult trails and proper hiking tools like GPS, compass, flashlight, chocolate (Energy bars) and first-aid kit are a must.
  • Wildlife – Canadian rockies are abundant in wildlife and some can be hazardous. Just be aware of the surroundings while hiking and watch out for snakes, moose and mountain Lions. When spotted avoid their vicinity as they can be quite aggressive.
  • Avalanche and Slippery trail – When it is winters it is always better to watch out for cracking sound of ice. It may be an avalanche. It is better to attend an avalanche safety class before going. After rains the trails can also become slippery. If it happens bring out the map and change course downhill.
  • Relax to recharge after every Hike – It is always important to relax after a hike as the hiking trails can be demanding. You do not want to be a victim of exhaustion.
Hiking in The Canadian Rockies

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