Guide for a hiking family holiday

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Are you looking for that Last minute summer adventure for the family? Try an outdoor nature experience. Being a hiking family with kids of any age is possible. Yes, babies can go for a hike too! All it takes is a little extra planning and knowing what your family can handle. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest the first time you take your family out. With an infant, you’ll need to ease into hiking. Start with a short nature trail and have a plan for feedings and diaper changes. But remember, cut yourself some slack! Having a baby is intense enough without trying to crush a five-mile mountain trail. Young hikers can enjoy getting out there and having fun on their first trail adventure. Make sure to do your research and pick the right path for their little legs. Make it an enjoyable experience by playing I spy games or setting achievable goals for them. Older children can be responsible for their gear on hikes relieving your burden a little. Be sure not to load them down, but maybe make them accountable for their favorite snack or a magnifying glass to look for bugs. You’ll be a hiking family in no time!

Guide for a hiking family holiday

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