Challenging Hikes

 Challenging Hikes - Pukaskwa National Park coastal hiking trail

Some of the best natural scenery in the world is in Canada, and there is no better way to see the Canadian wilderness than by taking challenging hikes through its beauty. Here are 5 tough hikes in Canada that I am sure will test you and astound you in equal measure.

My first pick of the bunch would have to be The West Coast Trail which runs along the coast of Vancouver Island. It is approximately 75 km in length and will take an experienced hiker 7 days to complete.On this journey, you will sleep under the stars and experience a wide range of wildlife.

Number 2 is definitely Canol Heritage Trail which is approximately 355 km long. The length of this trail is the only reason it sits in the number 2 spot as it takes about 20 days to complete. You can expect to experience some of the most remote scenery that Canada has to offer.

3). Chilkoot Trail is a great alternative if you want a history lesson along with your hiking as it was the preferred route to the Yukon goldfields.

4). Sunshine Village trail is approximately 55 km long and will take you 6 days to complete. It is only accessible on foot and as such you will see some of the most untouched, magnificent sights in the world.

5). Pukaskwa National Park coastal hiking trail. This is a 60 km long trail along Lake Superior’s shoreline. You will need to be vigilant the natural wildlife such as bears and wolves on this trip but you will be experiencing the wild Boreal Forest. As far as challenging hikes go, Canada has a lot to offer, so choose carefully and experience the great outdoors with a passion.

Challenging Hikes

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