Long Range Traverse, Newfoundland Canada

So here I am with the first post. In this post I would be talking about hiking Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland Canada. Well, it was an EXPERIENCE. I would be covering it in two parts, and would also help you with info on how to reach here.

hiking Long Range Traverse

If you like to challenge nature and the outdoors, this is the challenge for you. If the outdoors and mountain hikes intrigue you and you are always trying to challenge nature, you do not know the meaning of the word challenge until you have tried the hike up the Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland Canada. Most of the people who have taken this trail have confessed that it is one of the most challenging and most intense hikes they have ever been on, and I am one of them.

You could be holding onto roots and vegetation for dear life at one point and in the next minute be looking at ponds that look so much alike that they make map reading difficult. You may also have to take care of the waterfalls because they are numerous and their sprays will knock you off the cliffs if you are not careful.

The challenges to expect

This 26- mile, three- to five-day hike will challenge even the most experienced hikers. If you are new to hiking, I wouldn’t recommend this place for your maiden venture. Look for a little easy ones as you put your first step in the world of hiking. Well, let me continue with the challenges to expect in my next post.

Stay tuned guys

Long Range Traverse, Newfoundland Canada

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