Prince Edward Island; Hiking and Cycling

Prince Edward’s Island, with its seemingly surreal imagery is one of Canada’s most valuable natural treasures. The setting for the classic book, “Anne of Green Gables” located in Cavendish has been vividly described to readers around the world. Red rocky coastlines and meadows of wild flowers, harbors and shady forests entice many to list the Island as one of their dream vacations.

Home to less than 150,000 persons the island is 175 miles from one end to the other. Due to its shape it has been referred to as the “land cradled by waves” by the native “micmac” Indians.

A Micmac Indian women in her traditional headwear

French is spoken on the island however guides are available to assist you.

Cycling and hiking are among the activities many long to experience on the island.

The Confederation Trail  is by far the most popular outdoor destination.

Confederation trail

The trail basically encompasses the entire island in length and leads the explorer through inland woods with some covered picnicking shelters as well as shares breathtaking views of the rugged coastline. The island is family oriented and LGBT friendly.  One can take several routes to get to the island, choosing the driving route one must enter from New Brunswick on The Confederation Bridge otherwise one needs to take one of the ferries which depart from various shorelines or fly into Charlottetown´s small airport.

However you get there you can be certain to engage in one of the most memorable hikes or cycling trips in your lifetime.

Prince Edward Island; Hiking and Cycling

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